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  • Best value and most versatile machine available for all production shops.
  • Can be used as a gang tool machine or an optional 8-position turret.
  • Use of an optional bar feeder for unattended high volume production.
  • Optional hydraulic live tools, Both facing and crossing, Allows secondary combined with 48-position spindle indexing or C-axis. Good for various secondary operation.


Live tool

Hydraulic live tool with the spindle 48 dividing system and C-axis function can make secondary operation on the machine.

High speed, high precision indexing turret

The 8-position tool turret ensures high repeated positioning accuracy and rigidity. Rapid indexing time from 0.15 sec. to 1.2 sec, The tool disc has a built-in coolant nozzle that is directed straight to the tool tips.

Z-axis box beam

Insures high rigidity. TURCITE coating allows for smooth and precise movements. Telescopic cover protect the ballscrew.

The dovetail X-axis slide

Permits mounting of gang tools (sub plate also available) and or hydraulic tooling spindle as well as an 8-position turret with thru coolant.

Standard controller

Either "MITSUBISHI" M64SL or "SIEMENS" 802D or FANUC OiMATE controller.

3-Jaw hydraulic chuck

This machine can be equipped with a Ø06" or Ø 8" 3-jaw hydraulic hollow chuck as option. For enlarge workpiece machine.

Standard Equipments

  • Collet chuck LNC42 F48 (Max.Ø42)
  • Collet chuck LNC65 F72 (Max.Ø65)
  • Hydraulic system
  • Coolant system
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Work lamp
  • Front door safety interlock
  • Tool box & tool kits
  • Control cabinet heat exchanger
  • Spindle dividing system (48 pos.)
  • Bar feeder interface
  • Foot pedal for collet & chuck open/close
  • Standard tool holders

Optional Accessories

  • 6” hollow power chuck (LNC42)
  • 8” hollow power chuck (LNC65)
  • Chip conveyor with cart
  • Parts catcher
  • Extra tool holder
  • Automatic bar feeder
  • Tool turret 8 pos. for LNC42
  • Tool turret 12 pos. for LNC65
  • Rotary tool with hydraulic system