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Best value, affordable and lean machine for all production shops.

Together with a rigid casting frame in compact size and an affordable price make LNA36 an approprate machine for voume production at turning workahop. Yet, machining with optional optical digit scale drives LNA36 being an ideal machine for 0.009mm precision required jobs at today's turning industry. Still more, its flexibility and expansibility of connection with automatic bar feeder or robot or designed manual loading system enhance LNA36 become a cost-saver in this ever-increasing competitive industry.

  • High precision processing within 0.009mm for both roundness and surface precision.

  • Easy to connect with automatic bar feeder, robot loading system or manual loading Jobs.


To achieve an automations, LNA36 is able to connect with either gang-type or arm-type robot which saves secondary loading/ unloading operations and fulfills the automation.

Rapid and Precision Tool Turret

A rigid and durable bi-direction 8-position tool turret ensures high repeated positioning accuracy and rigidity. Single indexing time in 0.35 seconds, continuous 180¢X change in 1.3 nozzle sprays coolant directly to the tool tips, makes a fast cooking, brings tools a longer life.