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CNC Multi-Slide Automatics

The LICO LNT Series Automatics are specially designed for metalworking industries such as for aviation, vehices, computers, plumbing fittings, optical instruments and many others. It is ideal for machining all kinds of materials, ranging from aluminum, brass, steels, high alloy steels to stainless steels. Rigidity , Stability, and Lifetime Deformation-free.

All this Can Be Found On LICO CNC LNT-S series. Lico engineers have combined years of practical automatic lathe design experience with latest structural design concepts to ensure that Lico automatic lathes provide optimum structural and machining accuracy. Ruggedly constructed machine bed with scientifically rib reinforcement achieves the best possible stability.

Z-axis slide base and bed are one-piece constructed for added rigidity.

  • Extra wide span between Z-axis linear ways with full travel support largely increases machining stability and accuracy.
  • X2 Z2, X3 Z3, X4 Z4 ball screws are directly driven by Siemens servomotors.
  • Precision linear guideways on Z1axis.
  • Automatic lubrication to all slideways.

The Pick Off Device with collet mounted on the turret, actuated by a hydraulic system, is servo driven synchronously with the main spindle while catching the work piece and performing the cut off operations.

After indexing to the opposite direction, the work piece is ready for back machining. The back machining tool platform allows for mounting up to 4 gang tool holders or up to 3 live tool units.

Back Machining

Lico offers 2 compound slides as standard on the LND-D series machines. But with customization we can add 1 or 2 additional compound slides according to customer's cutting requirements. Each compound slide is servo controlled with 70mm of X axis travel and 115mm of travel on the Z axis.

The pick-off device catches the workpieces before cutting off. After indexing to the opposite direction, the workpiece is ready for back machining. The back machining tool platform allows for mounting up to 4 gang tool holders or up to 3 live tool holders.

Standard Equipments

  • Spindle-collet chuck system (standard)
  • 48-position spindle dividing system
  • 8-position servo tool turret (with tool driven)
  • Air blow , coolant & hydraulic system
  • Automation lubrication system
  • Bar loader interface
  • Front door interlock and work lamp
  • Tool box & tool kits
  • Control cabinet heat exchanger
  • Pick-off device
  • Back machining toolhoiders
  • Workpiece belt conyeyor

Optional Accessories

  • Spindle-collet chuck (extra)
  • Air live tool unit
  • Hydraulic live tool unit
  • High pressure coolant system.
  • Oil mist (smoke) collector
  • Chip conveyor with cart ( screw / pallet type)
  • Automatic bar loader
  • Turret #2
  • T2E Turret
  • POD (Pick-off Device)
    • 9.1. TNS42E65
    • 9.2. TNS42
    • 9.3. HAINBUCH 32

Powerful Hydraulic Power Unit

  • The hydraulic power unit is used for controlling the motions of turret and collet in the spindle.

  • The hydraulic system consists of top performance hydraulic parts to ensure stable motions, powerful hydraulic pressure and long service life.

Rigid Cross Slides

The LICO CNC automatic lathe can be designed with three of four compound cross slides, these are used to perform various operations such as, longitudinal turning, complex contouring, thread chasing, part-off, etc. by using single point carbide tipped tools or conventional form tools.

With full servo control, you can also catch components from either the main or counter spindle. With this catcher you can also program to catch and deliver your bar ends to a separate c ntainer, keeping your production running smoothly.

This gives you an advantage over other pneumatic type parts catchers so you can maintain your automated production, no matter what parts you are producing.

Rigid Headstock

  • The headstock is ruggedly constructed for maximum rigidity and stability
  • The spindle runs on class P4 high precision bearings, providing maximum speed per model of 6000 / 5000 / 4500 / 4000 rpm
  • The collet chuck-type spindle is actuated by a rotary cylinder, providing fast workpiece chucking

Pneumatic Type

Counter Spindle Parts

CNC Controller Options

Faunc 31i / Mitsubishi-730VS

  • The machine is equipped with your choice of CNC control, providing dialog programming for user-friendly operations
  • Graphic tool tracing makes training & operations much easier
  • During operation, additional programs can be edited thus reducing programming time.
  • The CNC control box can be swiveled for added operator convenience

Multiple Compound Slides

Module designed servo controlled X-Z compound slides are mounted around main spindle, good for OD turning or ID boring and multiple tools can perform simultaneous machining for greatly reduced cycle time.

Air Conditioner

For Electric Cabinet

  • The electrical control cabinet is equipped with a high performance air conditioner to ensure a constant temperature in the cabinet at all times
  • This maximizes the service life of all electronic and electrical components

8-Position Servo Turret

  • The newly-designed servo turret is mounted on a compound slide
  • The turret is transmitted by a precision ball screw. It features extra long travel, high speed and two axes interpolation function
  • Available to fit with VDI fixed or driving tool to perform contour or compound machining

Back Machining

  • The pick-off device with collet is mounted on the turret and actuated by a hydraulic system and servo driven synchronously with the main spindle. When front machining complete, part is held before cutting off then indexed to opposite direction ready for back machining
  • The back machining tool platform allows for mounting up to 4 gang tool holders or up to 3 live tool holders
  • An 8-position turret is available upon request

Screw-Type Chip Conveyor

  • The screw-type chip conveyor comes equipped with a chip cart
  • Link-type chip conveyor is available upon request